Texturing & Modeling A Procedural ApproachをGoogle bookで斜め読み

Texturing and Modeling, Third Edition: A Procedural Approach (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics)



1 Introduction
2 Building Procedual
3 Real-Time Programmable Shading
4 Cellular Texturing
5 Advanced Antialiasing
6 Proctical Methods for Texture Design
7 Procedural Modeling of Gases
8 Animating Solid Spaces
9 Volumetric Cloud Modeling with Implicit Functions
10 Issues and Strategies for Hardware Acceleration of Procedual Techniques
11 Procedual Synthesis of Geometry
12 Noise, Hypertexture, Antialiasing, and Gesture
(13,14はGoogle bookでは見れない)
15 Fractal Solid Textures: some example
16 Procedual Fractal Terrains
17 Qaeb Rendering for Procedual Models
18 Atmospheric Models
19 Genetic Textures
20 Mojoworld: Building Procedual Planets
21 On The Future: Engineering the Appearance of Cyberspace